Fashion Minority Alliance launches Regent Street pop-up

Fashion Minority Alliance launches Regent Street pop-up

Pop-up stores are an essential vehicle for small and fledging fashion brands to gain mainstream exposure. And none more than the temporary showroom on London’s Regent Street throwing the spotlight on the Fashion Minority Alliance (FMA) to showcase top ethical fashion, accessories, and beauty brands.

The Marketplace is a joint venture between the Lone Design Club (LDC) and property giant The Crown Estate to create a ‘Conscious Edit’ that continues on London’s high-profile thoroghfare until 29 September.

The dedicated FMA retail concept space within the LDC store is part of its larger effort to “chart new opportunities worldwide for individuals who hail from minority backgrounds, especially those who define themselves as BIPOC, working class, and disabled individuals”.

The Conscious Edit “is a fresh, immersive shopping experience… [taking] the ‘phygital’ consumer to the next level, with innovative online and in-line purchasing experiences”. 

It features live streams, rich online marketplace content, mobile self-checkout, and informative QR codes among tech-forward features, “propelling the retail potential of this curated selection of brands”.

Participants include African-inspired Bohten Eyewear; Adinkra London, an African-designed accessories and clothing brand; minimalist brand Elliot Footwear; smiley stocks producer Leiho UK; bodycare brand 79 Lux; and bespoke corsetier Deborah Brand.

FMA co-founder Barbara Kennedy-Brown said: “One of the biggest challenges for brands today is emerging onto the right commercial avenues, both online and within prime brick-and-mortar spaces.

“With the Fashion Minority Alliance Marketplace, we are not only bringing these brands to the fore, on one of the most visited promenades in the world, but also connecting them with the right tech partners to amplify their reach.”