Francia Marquez: ‘Vogue’ sheds light on Vice President’s ‘powerful form’

Francia Marquez: ‘Vogue’ sheds light on Vice President’s ‘powerful form’

Francia Marquez sworn in as Vice President in front of a crowd of Colombians at Plaza de Bolivarafrom Bogota, and others who watched from their television the inauguration of the first leftist government headed by President Gustavo Petro.

The social leader, who attracted attention for her blue, orange and white dress, said, “I swear to God and the people to faithfully follow the Constitution and laws of Colombia and I also take an oath before my ancestors and ancestors.” ” So much so that the exclusive magazine ‘Vogue’ highlighted her clothing as a representation of the Afro community.

He has got the opportunity and place to transfer that dignity and that memory to his outfit.

The ‘magazine’, founded more than 130 years ago, assured that the Vice President could wear a suit jacket, jeans and tennis shoes, or any other aesthetic commonplace of the code set by “power dressing” for women of the political class. Could.” But that’s not your case. Break with plans.

“She has chosen a much more colourful, big, striking and unusual choice among women devoted to politics in Latin America,” Vogue said in a note written by expert Alba Correa.

Vice President Francia Marquez

Vice President Francia Marquez wore a dress designed by Esteban Sinisterra.

Possession dress, ‘the most perfect example’

In the magazine review, Mentioned the ‘look’ that the environmental lawyer and defender wore during the last 7 August captureSince it was specified this is a “more paradigm example”.

“An asymmetrical dress with a blue and orange ‘wax’ print, one of the most popular traditional African clothing. Under the overskirt of the dress, a long white skirt, the volume of which was emphasized by a petticoat, with an embellished ruffle on her Crossed the chest, stood out, ”reads the review.

What message does it intend to carry? It is clear to the magazine that it aims to give visibility to “the story of the heritage and Afro-descendant communities”., Therefore, they have got the opportunity and space to “transfer that dignity and that memory to their organisations”.

The 23-year-old designer Esteban Sinisterra, who knew politics before starting her career and who adorned them with her creations from the Esteban Africa brand, was also praised there.

fashion as a symbol

a benchmark for the black community, and their struggles have always represented us

it is worth saying that Sinisterra, who is behind his colored pins, is a young man from southern Colombia who must first have endured the rigors of violence and armed displacement. He found a way to live in clothes and a passion.

(In context: the young man who fled the violence of his city and dresses up as Francia Marquez today).

“I arrived in Buenaventura and realized that other young people were sewing and there was no discrimination. There I began to do so, and since economic issues were still a problem at home, and I already knew how to machine is driven, I started to tube pants and ‘glue’ them. That’s how Esteban Africa was born, men’s shirts and my particular style with that type of arrangement that attracts attention,” he said in a previous conversation I told EL TIEMPO.

Meaning of the suit that Maria Jose Pizarro wore in his possessionFashion was a major element among the attendees.

Maria Jose Pizarro, Veronica Alcosar And Francia Marquez During The Presidential Inauguration.

Analysis of occupied changing rooms.



(Read: President Petro invites people with doctoral degrees to work with the government).

With France, she wants to spread the powerful message: “She is a fighting woman, a woman who rises from her home, does her job, a woman from the Pacific, (…) a benchmark for the black community. , and his struggles have always represented us.”

In fact, the new vice president has insisted that she wears such clothes “on purpose”. But their ethnic and cultural identity is “not the dress one wears now and takes off later”, As he told the British news agency ‘BBC’.

“Wherever I am, I have to continue speaking,” Marquez said.

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