Elie Kuame, this magician with a thousand and one sticks

Elie Kuame, this magician with a thousand and one sticks
Elie Kuame, this magician with a thousand and one sticks

Elie Kuame is a magician! You know those people who do “EXTRAordinary” things. It, therefore, has a sort of magical power(s) over things and over people, more specifically over women.

The magician

An immersion in the world of fashion since childhood

To understand where Elie Kuame’s gift comes from, you have to go back to his childhood. Born in Belgium to an Ivorian father and a mixed-Lebanese-Mauritanian mother, Elie was introduced to the world of fashion very early on. Her mother ran a sewing workshop and one of her aunts was a top model. He was therefore able to sensitize his young soul to the marvels offered by life, beauty, art, and culture… so it was only natural that he turned to sewing after wondering about his desire to continue his studies in economics.

The discovery of his talent

It was an excellent choice when you see how far you’ve come…yes! Elie Kuame has been evolving in this environment for 17 years now. It was first revealed in 2004 with the parade of the Association Brave Garçon d’Afrique. A milestone in his career because it was the first time his father agreed to come and see his work. Then 2 years later, he wowed the gallery with his “Woman of Power” collection during the competition for young designers organized by the DRIM (Republican Diversity and Initiative in Movement). One thing led to another, and he refined his work by traveling the world and proving himself in major haute couture houses in the most beautiful cities of modern fashion, namely, respectively, Paris (4 years), Dubai (1 year ), Shanghai (1 year) and New York (1 year).

In search of a magical universe 

What I learned from his experiences abroad is his desire to dream, to travel to discover the Orient, the magical world of Princes and Princesses, Ali Baba, and the Thousand and One Nights…. These countries where fairy tales still come true today, where women still live in this powdery, classy, ​​formal, luxurious, and aesthetic atmosphere. These places where women are not afraid of anything! That their desires have no limit! A new meeting with these women, the women of power!

This is how he directs his work to always sublimate women, ennoble them, and bring out their strengths. In short, he magnifies women with his little chopsticks here and there!

elie kuame12656
Photography: Daniel Sery – Hair and Makeup: Maryline Okou – Model: Awa Sanoko
Photography: David Ekué – Hairstyle: Andersen Studio Paris – Makeup: Bouchra Lugo
elie kuame12413
Photography: Daniel Sery – Hair and Makeup: Maryline Okou – Model: Awa Sanoko

When art merges with fashion…

In our society, we have become too passive. We accept what radio, television, the media, and the fashions impose on us. While the trend hunters themselves look for trends in the market from you, the simple “Mr. and Mrs. Everybody”. So what about Elie Kuame? Does he let himself be overwhelmed by this overflow of information?

Works of art

After confiding that he was inspired by great couturiers such as Saint-Laurent and particularly John Galiano, for whom he has great respect, he answered me. “To make fashion, you have to be caught up in art, it’s impossible to separate. It is by artistically enriching one’s intellect that one becomes seasoned with what is beautiful, ugly, deformed, rounded, fuzzy, flexible…”. This desire, through his creations, to surprise, to arouse questioning, wonder, disgust, surprise, discomfort,… but above all reflection is his signature. It offers a work of art that may not appeal to everyone! It’s like tastes and colors! Well, Elie Kuame’s work is free and liberated and that’s why it releases an artistic force.

Achievements that sublimate women

It is thus, on the woman’s body, with its always simple lines, that a Western cut garment stands, always refined, minimalist, sanded, light, and all embellished with curves, from suppleness to perfection. from the East and from the sharp, sharp, and salient side of Africa. It is through this daring mix, this call to travel, to dream, to escape… that he gives birth to his mixed works.

A fusion between art and fashion

And to go further and bring these creations to life, he gives life to the women he calls the “Hybrid Goddess women”. These women are a living and palpable reality of his work of art. Thus, he brings them to life and symbolizes them by recreating the whole atmosphere around the dress with a little music, accessories, ornaments, and movement. This is how through this game of artistic creation, Elie Kuame makes his works more than ephemeral. This is how we can say that he merges art and fashion! And that we love!!!

elie kuame12780
Photography: Daniel Sery – Hair and Makeup: Maryline Okou – Model: Awa Sanoko


A program dedicated to the African public

Blackamorphose for those who don’t know, it’s a makeover show. She tackles the morphology, hair type, and complexion of black women and black men. It is the first television channel to devote itself solely to this target who wants more. Advice is given by a team of professionals including Bouchra Lugo for make-up, hairdresser Andersen and Elie Kuame for styling. 

108 elaborate looks

This is how Elie was able to create nearly 108 looks with the first edition. What I find fabulous is that here, he finds himself closer to the woman. The model is alive, he has moods, tastes, and desires… with which Elie Kuame must come to terms. He must ensure the development of women because it is the woman who has the power.

A sublimation of the woman

If she likes the court, you have to exaggerate on the court! If she likes her size, you have to bring it out! The magic, therefore, operates when he sublimates the woman by taking into account her desires and adding the little touch that will make her shine! So if you too are tempted by the adventure! Get started! But if you are more discreet, perhaps, will he be able to make you a tailor-made outfit with the quality of haute couture. You will thus have the pleasure of saying that you are wearing an Elie Kuame outfit. Let’s not forget that in 2012 he presented a collection at New York Fashion Week Mercedes Benz alongside big names in fashion like Marc Jacobs.

In summary, Elie Kuame, this eternal dissatisfaction, always goes further to promote Côte d’Ivoire. I would sum up his personality and his work through a quote from Marilyn Monroe, perhaps a little limiting but which conveys the essence, which is the following:

Imperfection is beauty,
Madness is genius,
and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
Marilyn Monroe.

Imperfection is beauty,
madness is genius,
and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
Marilyn Monroe.

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