Lupita Nyong’o’s make-up artist reveals how long is too long to paint your face the same way


Nick offered up this tidbit yesterday on his Instagram account (follow him @dilokritbarose).

He posted two pictures Lupita, side by side. One was from the Los Angeles premiere of Disney’s Queen Of Katwe in September and the other was from the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in January 2014.

In the caption, he said the photo from 2014 was during the time he ‘used to paint those pretty #fierce brows’ on Lupita. He added that they were ‘more intense with black brow gel that’s painted on with elongated tails and more pronounced arches and the shimmery pearl highlighter on brow bones to bring out the dramatic brows even more.’

The look, he wrote, was part Josephine Baker, part Diana Ross, part Diahann Carroll and full-on Dynasty glam.


Brow wiz: Lupita’s make-up pro, Nick Barose, says women should change their beauty look every six months. Here, he shows how Lupita’s brows went from fierce in 2014 (left) to soft in 2016 (right)

The more recent picture, however, showcased a more laid-back beauty vibe. For Lupita’s softer brows, Nick mixed a dark brown shade and a bit of black filling to draw on feathery strokes. He softened her arches and didn’t elongate the tails of her brows too much.

Nick focused on Lupita’s brows in the post because ‘when you change the shape, it changes the whole make-up effect.’

But brows aren’t the only thing you need to keep in mind. ‘That’s the thing with beauty,’ Nick wrote. ‘You have to evolve the make-up too as time goes on, when you find yourself painting on brows, eyeliner, the way you placed your highlighter, etc the same way for more than six months, it’s time to move on and change it up.

He continued, ‘For the current looks, I find that if I keep it pretty natural then add statement lips or eyes, it will still feel natural even though the makeup colors might be dramatic.’

To see if Nick stayed true to his own six-month advice, FEMAIL looked back at more of Lupita’s beauty looks from the past two-and-a-half years. The answer? A resounding ‘yes’. Take a peek.


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How bold can you go? In February 2014 (left), Lupita’s brows looked practically painted on. Six months later in June (right) they were less harsh but still heavily arched


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